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Maintaining consistency is crucial in effective branding. We possess the expertise to completely brand your entire photo experience for your brand activation or event. Our tailored photo booths are designed to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impact. Every element associated with your experience can be adorned with your brand or theme. Our photo booths are fully customizable, offering options such as full wrapping, customized start screens, personalized online galleries/microsites, photo overlays, and printed custom backdrops—all meticulously designed to reflect your brand's distinctive color scheme.

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Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events




As an integral part of our branding service, we offer the seamless integration of surveys and/or questionnaires into your experience, allowing you to gather valuable feedback on your products and/or services directly from your customers. Additionally, we can compile a comprehensive report containing contact information from your guests or attendees for effective lead generation. This empowers you with data-driven insights into the success of your activation. We collaborate with you to assess your specific needs and align with your event goals, working diligently to bring your vision to life.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

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We’ll help you launch a new product, maximise event sponsorship, drive in-store footfall or enhance your social media presence and boost your followers.

Get in touch and let Magic Mirror Bk take your event to the next level, take advantage of several benifits, which are;

  • Viable user generated content
  • More robust online presence driven by social sharing
  • Boost in your user engagement
  • Boost in your brand awareness
  • Opportunity for remarketing with compliant data capture
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