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Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


Make your guests the stars of the show with our Spotlight Vogue Booth!

Introducing the Vogue Booth, a top-tier video booth with a captivating 3D backdrop and personalized LED interior lighting. A single click opens the door to numerous video renderings. In just 10 seconds, your guests enjoy a selection of strip layouts, backgrounds, and filters. Our professional catalog boasts a spectrum of filters, embracing both timeless favorites and the latest trends.


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Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

Make Your Video Uniquely Yours


Step into a world of creativity with the Vogue Booth, where you can make your video uniquely yours. This high-tech video booth provides an array of options, allowing you to capture the moment in dynamic ways such as boomerangs, short clips, and animated gifs. The possibilities are as diverse as your imagination, ensuring that each guest can tailor their experience to reflect their own style and personality.

Moreover, the Vogue Booth goes beyond mere capturing; it transforms your event into a shareable experience. With the built-in sharing option, guests can instantly showcase their creations to friends and family, spreading the joy and excitement in real-time. Alternatively, for those who prefer tangible memories, the option to receive a printout of their favorite selections adds a nostalgic touch to the modern video experience.


Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

Ensuring the happiness of your guests is our sole motivation. That's why our packages are designed to be all-encompassing and adaptable, catering to the specific needs, themes, and preferences of our clients and their guests. We consistently introduce new features to keep your guests up-to-date with the latest social media trends. In our Vogue Booth package, you'll find:

  • Unlimited sessions
  • Colored and black-and-white videos, gifs, and boomerangs
  • Custom designs
  • An online gallery for easy sharing
  • A dedicated booth attendant available throughout
  • Animated overlays for added flair
  • A skin smoothening effect to enhance your guests' appearance

For a quick burst of entertainment, our Express Photo Booth promises hours of enjoyment, adding a special flavor to your event. Your guests will undoubtedly boast about the incredible fun they experienced at your party, cherishing fantastic mementos as tangible reminders of the joyous celebration!

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events



  Min. 2 Hours Load-in/ Set Up Time


Min. 8′ X 8′ Floor Area (ideally 12′ x 12′


 Min. 7.5′ Ceiling Height Clearance


  Dedicated 15 or 20 Amp Power Outlet

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