Mosaic Wall Experience

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


The Mosaic Wall is a true wonder when it comes to taking pictures at events. Gather everyone together for a picture using this device, which allows you to make out individual pictures when you are close to it, and shows you a mosaic if you are some distance away from it.

You can choose the kind of mosaic you want it to create. Going for your company logo will certainly make a lot of sense, considering the fact that a mosaic of all your employees or clients will speak volumes as to your values when placed in your office.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


You can use the  Mosaic Wall for any event you so wish. In fact, it represents a great way to have the people close to you together in one picture.

Every image captured using this device are collated using top-notch photo booth technology, social media, as well as a hashtag that is unique to your event.

From raising brand awareness to simply creating a beautiful replica of your favourite photograph, the WOV Mosaic Wall can do it all.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


This particular photobooth is especially good for engagement and interaction. The images are printed as stickers, which guests can then add to the Mosaic wall by themselves. Seeing this is sure to make other guests at the event interested.

It is a great way to not only ensure that more people become aware of your brand, but to also generate a perfect replica of a photograph that’s dear to you.

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