360 Photobooth

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

360 Photobooth

Elevate the atmosphere, revolutionize the event experience, and redefine expectations.

Our photobooth rental service, the Photobooth360, steals the show.

With its ability to capture both individuals and groups from every angle, it sets the standard for immersive entertainment.

All eyes will be drawn to the Photobooth360, attracting eager crowds ready to seize their moment in the spotlight.

Prepare to produce branded videos, GIFs, and Boomerangs, instantly shareable on social media or through MMS and email, courtesy of our top-tier photobooth rental service, Photobooth360.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


Here's how our photobooth rental service, the Photobooth360, works:

Guests step onto the branded Photobooth360 platform, ready to immerse themselves and capture the excitement.

A high-definition slow-motion camera orbits the platform, documenting every moment of laughter and creativity as guests strike their best poses.

Once they step off the platform, a branded video is promptly generated, ready for viewing, sharing, and reliving the fun on social media platforms.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


Experience the power of photobooth rentals with Magic Mirror Brooklyn, ensuring maximum brand exposure through comprehensive branding, from the platform to the control station and 360° surroundings.

We guarantee your brand will shine in the final output video, ensuring every user of the 360 Photobooth knows who's behind the unforgettable experience.

Prepare for a surge in shares, likes, and tweets as users enthusiastically tag their friends and followers with share-worthy content.

Reach out today and let Magic Mirror Brooklyn elevate your event to new heights

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