Mirror X-finity PhotoBooth

The Mirror X-infity Booth utilizes the latest andmostadvanced photobooth technologies to help ensure that your guests have a great experience at your event. 

Salsa Booth

Salsa Digital Booth offers a modern social experience for os, gifs, boomerangs, and videos uploaded to a live gallery in real time with branded touch points at every step. party hosts and businesses. Capture phot

Magically Booth

More than just a glamorous mirror, Magically Booth is an opportunity for users to have fun as they have never had it before.

Pylon Digital Booth

Developed to cater for small events

The Pylon Digital Booth as manufactured with smaller venues in mind, yet the quality of the technology used is not diminished in any way. In fact, it is comparable with that of the Magically booth.

Mosaic Wall

The Photo Mosaic is a true wonder when it comes to taking pictures at events. Gather everyone together for a picture using this device, which allows you to make out individual pictures when you are close to it, and shows you a mosaic if you are some distance away from it

Infinity 360

Turn it up, change the game, and flip the script. The infinity 360 does it all. Capturing individuals and groups from every angle, this is immersive entertainment at its best.

Magically Booth

Designed to capture the perfect selfie, the Magically Booth delivers an unforgettable experience, bringing guests together and giving them a treasured memory from your event.

At first glance this looks like a mirror but step up and into a world of fun!

Featuring the latest in customisable technology, the Magically Booth utilises a camera hidden behind a touch enabled full-length mirror that allows users to see themselves as they take show stopping branded selfies.

How it works

Every user is guided through the process by a Magically Booth attendant as well as the interactive features on the Magically screen.

The fun begins as users see their reflection, let loose, pose and play up to the camera as they create their very best selfie.

We can customise the Magically Booth as much as you require with branded animations, stamps, filters, logos and hashtags that can all be added to the content created.


No one can resist the lure of the Magically mirror.

Every guest will love the chance to capture and share their selfies and you’ll love hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles of guests as they vie for the best image of the night.

Brand exposure is maximised on the Magically Mirror screen, on the content created as well as the social media shares generated directly from the Mirror Booth.

Every user walks away with prints personally branded with custom messages, logos and themed graphics you can be sure that your brand will resonate long after the event is over.

Get in touch and let Magic Mirror BK take your event to the next level.