Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

Pylon Digital

Flexibility, fun and technology combine in the picture-perfect Pylon Digital.

This quirky digital photo experience changes the dynamic in the room, bringing the fun to users and putting them in the spotlight.

Give guests the chance to capture selfies, GIFs or Boomerangs and let them create content that they can’t help but share.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

How it works

Designed to stand out, the WOV Digital features a fully brandable body that offers endless branding options. Capturing every eye in the room, users will be drawn to the LED light that surrounds the user interface.

Choose what suits your audience the most – the WOV Digital lets you capture shots in portrait or landscape mode with its tilting head that means you’ll never miss a moment, and everyone will look their very best.

Roaming mode means you don’t have to wait for guests to come to you. Take the action straight to users by detaching the screen and give your guests their moment in the spotlight paparazzi style.

WOV Media can create custom animations, bespoke branding and fully personalize the experience for your users.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


Small in size, but big on impact, the Pylon Digital is sure to cause a stir.

Brand awareness is maximised with the brandable body and guests are fully immersed in the bespoke user experiences that Magic Mirror BK will create for you.

With instant sharing to social media and immediate printing you can make sure the memories last even longer and your brand travels further. Get in touch and let Magic Mirror BK take your event to the next level.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


But why wait for users to come to you?  Pylon Digital Photo Booth kicks into roaming mode, as you detach the screen housing from the stand and give your guests a paparazzi style experience using a designated hand strap.

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