Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

WOV 360X

Turn it up, change the game and flip the script.

The Infiniy 360 does it all.

Capturing individuals and groups from every angle, this is immersive entertainment at its best.

Every eye will be drawn to the Infinty 360 platform and there will soon be crowds waiting to have their 360 moment.

Get set to create branded videos, GIFs and Boomerangs that can be shared straight to social media or via MMS and email.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events

How it works

Users hop onto the branded Infinty 360X platform to enjoy the chance to let loose and capture the fun.

A slow-motion camera circles the platform and captures all the thrills and spills in high definition as users get creative and show off their best poses.

And as soon as they hop off the platform a branded video is ready to view, enjoy and of course share on social media.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


Results Magic Mirror BK can deliver maximum brand exposure by brand wrapping everything from the platform to control station as well as 360 surround.

We’ll also brand the final output video so every consumer using the Infinty 360 knows who is responsible for generating all the fun.

Get set to see shares, likes and tweets increase as users tag their friends and followers with content they can’t help but share.

Get in touch and let Magic Mirror BK take your event to the next level.

Mirrorme Brooklyn Corporate Events


  • 360º Video Platform
  • Studio Lighting
  • Custom Designed Video with Animations
  • DSLR Camera or iPad Video Capture

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