More Than Just a Glamorous Mirror


More than just a glamorous mirror, the Magically Mirror is an opportunity for users to have fun as they have never had it before. It utilizes cutting edge photo booth technology to ensure that your guests have engaging and beautiful experiences.

With this particular photobooth, your guests will have fun, interact, and engage with themselves. They will also have an opportunity to play games and explore their own creativity.

Wonderful memories


Our events company can help make the experience better for your guests through the development of custom animations, branding services, and personalized experiences.

With a relatable voiceover, guests at your event will have the opportunity to personalize their experiences with the Sign and Stamp feature, which allows them to sign, include a personalized message, and an emoji to their images.

We are ready


Taking selfies are but one of several ways to have fun with the Mirror Me. There is also an option to create boomerangs and GIFs which users can then forward to social media.

The booth can also enhance your marketing in that it can provide you with data for your database via its data capture functionality. This is through the use of survey questions that will be answered by your guests, as well as games designed to generate insight into the customer’s mindset.



We allow all your guests to send all the selfies taken by our Magically Booth as an MMS message to their phone. Sharing by MMS is quick & easy with an on-glass number pad.



One of the most exciting features of the Magically Booth is the optional, built-in Signing & Stamping Feature. Guests love having the ability to personalize their keepsake with this unique and interactive feature.

When the Signature feature is included in a workflow, guests will have the ability to draw or sign their name directly on the mirror, which will then be printed out on the final image.

The Signature Feature offers:

  • “Multi-Touch Support”, allowing up to 6 guests to get creative at the same time.
  • Apply a vibrant neon effect to the signature.
  • Change the pen’s size and color settings, including an option for random color selection.
  • An “Undo” button allows the user to undo strokes an unlimited number of times.
  • A “Clear Drawing” button allows the user to start the signature from scratch.
  • You can add stamps from a built-in collection

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